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Sue Reynolds, Master Herbalist
Sue Reynolds, M.S.W.
Lifestyle and Health Coach
Master Herbalist

Updated February 15, 2020
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Urinary System


The urinary system passes the water within our body through a filtration process in order to maintain a clean supply of body fluids that the different systems can utilize. It is composed of the kidney, bladder, ureter and urethra.

Chickweed Capsules (300 mg)
Stock Number: 220
Amount: 100 count

Gentle tonic food used to balance body metabolism. For weight issues, appetite suppressant, & mild diuretic.
(2 Personal Stories)
Regular Price:$25.95
Member Price: $17.25

Cornsilk (400 mg)
Stock Number: 235
Amount: 100 count

Urinary system. Soothing diuretic, maintains normal tone. For kidneys, bladder, prostate.
(1 Personal Story)
Regular Price:$27.80
Member Price: $18.50

Cranberry/Buchu Concentrate
Stock Number: 834
Amount: 100 count

Intended for urinary tract protection.
Regular Price:$29.40
Member Price: $19.60

Geranium, Organic
Stock Number: 3845

Use this for the glandular system, especially the reproductive organs. It also benefits the nervous system, and it is widely used by skin-care specialists in restoring balance between oily and dry skin and hair.
Regular Price:$46.90
Member Price: $31.25

Golden Seal (100) (500 mg)
Stock Number: 340
Amount: 100 count

Immune supporting properties are largly due to the alkaloid content. Provides unfreindly environment for bacteria. Soothes mucuos membranes of the respiratory, digestive and urinary tracts.
(1 Personal Story)
Regular Price:$47.30
Member Price: $31.50

Horsetail (360 mg)
Stock Number: 390
Amount: 100 count

Detoxification herb. Rich in silicon & Calcium. Useful for connective tissues and bone strength. Good for 'spring cleaning'. Helps with fluid balance and protecting immunity.
(2 Personal Stories)
Regular Price:$21.80
Member Price: $14.50

Hydrangea (325 mg)
Stock Number: 395
Amount: 100 count

Kidney & prostate power. It's solvent properties support the urinary system, especially the kidneys.
(5 Personal Stories)
Regular Price:$19.00
Member Price: $12.65

Stock Number: 1222
Amount: 100 count

Urinary system tonic. For urination, fluid balancing, bladder irritations. Supports detoxifying funtions of the body, strengthens the kidneys and bladder.
(3 Personal Stories)
Regular Price:$27.00
Member Price: $17.95

Juniper Berries (400 mg)
Stock Number: 400
Amount: 100 count

Juniper's nutritional profile and volatile oil make them particularly supportive of the urinary and reproductive systems. Cleansing, blood sugar balancing, fluid normalizer, removes acidic toxins.
Regular Price:$26.95
Member Price: $17.95

KB-C [Strengthen Water] Jian Gu
Stock Number: 1883
Amount: 100 count

Strengthen Water/Jian Gu. Kidneys & Bone formula. For Kidney, sexual organ builder, chronic weakness.
(1 Personal Story)
Regular Price:$35.80
Member Price: $23.85

Kidney Activator (K)
Stock Number: 970
Amount: 100 count

Kidney and bladder support. Irritations, proper fluid balance, cleansing and building to entire urinary system.
(1 Personal Story)
Regular Price:$23.30
Member Price: $15.50

Kidney Activator (K) ATC Concentrate
Stock Number: 973
Amount: 50 count

Kidney support for infection & inflammation A natural antiseptic diuretic. Cleanse & build urinary system. For edema, incontinence & other bladder & kidney inflammation & irritation problems.
Regular Price:$39.80
Member Price: $26.50

Kidney Activator (K-C) [Eliminate Moisture] Qu Shi
Stock Number: 1872
Amount: 100 count

Eliminate Moisture/Qu Shi. Kidney support for too much water. Supports urinary and lymphatic systems.
(1 Personal Story)
Regular Price:$26.70
Member Price: $17.75

Kidney Drainage
Stock Number: 3168
Amount: 2 fl. oz.

Provides the kidneys with the nutritional support they need to perform their normal daily functions and meet the constant stress placed on them.
Regular Price:$34.15
Member Price: $22.75

Stock Number: 3848
Amount: 15 ml

This stimulating sunshine-bright aroma of Citrus limonum has several benefits for the immune, lymphatic, circulatory and digestive systems. Let's not leave out additional benefits of its antiseptic properties.
Regular Price:$17.30
Member Price: $11.50

Marshmallow (450 mg)
Stock Number: 440
Amount: 100 count

Healing, Soothing soft tissue repair herb. For stomach, bowel, lungs, urinary tract, joints.
(2 Personal Stories)
Regular Price:$22.95
Member Price: $15.25

Parsley (335 mg)
Stock Number: 490
Amount: 100 count

Parsley is abundant in odor-absorbing & oxygenating chlorophyll. Has properties to help maintain proper fluid/water levels in the body.
(3 Personal Stories)
Regular Price:$21.45
Member Price: $14.25

Stock Number: 3849
Amount: 15 ml

This warm, earthy oil of has a history of use for the nervous and glandular systems for both men and women.
Regular Price:$52.15
Member Price: $34.75

Potassium, Combination
Stock Number: 3673
Amount: 180 count

Overcome hard & dry conditions. Potassium is a critical component of all cells.
Regular Price:$28.90
Member Price: $19.25

Stock Number: 3915
Amount: 5 ml

With a warm , woody, oriental aroma, Santalum album has a balancing action for the skin, and has traditionally been used for the urinary and respiratory systems.
Regular Price:$104.95
Member Price: $69.95

Thyme, Wild
Stock Number: 3853
Amount: 15 ml

Allow Thymus vulgaris to help improve your circulatory, immune, skeletal, respiratory and nervous systems. Its natural woody aroma is not friendly to microbes.
Regular Price:$49.15
Member Price: $32.75

Urinary Maintenance
Stock Number: 2884
Amount: 120 Count

Its nutrients support the urinary system organs and help maintain the body’s delicate fluid and mineral balance controlled by the kidneys.
Regular Price:$26.65
Member Price: $17.75

Uva Ursi (440 mg)
Stock Number: 710
Amount: 100 count

Strengthens urinary system, helps prevent infections, good for bladder needs as well as kidney. Circulation and keeping kidneys clear.
(3 Personal Stories)
Regular Price:$26.25
Member Price: $17.50

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