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I do not understand how anyone can expect meals consisting of such lifeless products as coffee and doughnuts to produce a good working body.
- Bernard Jensen, DC, ND, "The Science and Practice of Iridology" -

Sue Reynolds, Master Herbalist
Sue Reynolds, M.S.W.
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Updated February 15, 2020
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Laboratory Test by West Texas A&M University

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Summary of test results:

Figure 1 Control (No treatment with air purifier)
control at 1 ft
Plate A: Control 1 ft.
control at 2 ft
Plate A: Control 2 ft.
control at 4 ft
Plate A: Control 4 ft.

Figure-1 shows the number of microbial colonies produced in the Control set, before any treatment of indoor air with the air purifier.

Figure 2 (After 24 hr treatment with air purifier)
after 24 hr at 1 ft
Plate A: 24 hr, 1 ft.
after 24 hr at 2 ft
Plate A: 24 hr, 2 ft.
after 24 hr at 4 ft
Plate A: 24 hr, 4 ft.

Figure 2 shows the petri-plates after a 24 hour treatment with the air purifier. Note the reduction in number of colonies compared to figure 1 (Control, No treatment with air purifier).

It was also evidenced that the petri-plates placed closer to the distance to the air purifier (1ft. and 2 ft.) produced least number of colonies after 24h., 48h. and 72 hours of treatment of the indoor air with the air purifier. Figure-3 shows the level of infection after 24 hours with distances 1 ft, 2ft. and 4 ft. away from the air purifier. There was very minor trace of inoculums from the petri-plates from 1 ft. or 2 ft. and 4 ft. distances after 24 hours of treatment of the room air indicating thereby definite reduction of the microbial aeroallergen in the room air. After 72 hours of treatment of the indoor air with the air purifier there was almost no micro flora or propagules left in the indoor air since there was no microbial colony produced on the petri-plates. All the experiments were carried out with setting at High in the air purifier. Figure 1 shows the Control plates without any treatment. All the 3 petri plates from the setup of 1ft, 2ft and 4 ft show vigorous growth of the microbial colonies after incubation in an incubator at 37 degrees Celsius.

Figure 1A
Number of microbial colonies produced
after 24 hours in Control (no Air Purifier)

figure 1A

Figure - 2
Effect of air purifier after different periods of exposure
on the number of microbial colonies.

figure 2

From the figure-2 is a graph on the distribution of the number of microbial colonies before and after the treatment of indoor air with the air purifier, it is very clear that there was a gradual reduction in the number of microbial (bacterial and fungal) colonies with greater interval of exposure with the air purifier.

Figure - 3
Effect of treatment of air purifier on the concentration
of indoor aeroallergen concentration.

figure 3

The petri plates from the set up of 24 hour treatment with air purifier from distances 1ft, 2ft and 4 ft from the air purifier showed no significant microbial growth. At the distance of 1 ft no microbial colony was recorded on the petri-plate while the petri plates from 2 and 4ft showed very minor trace of inoculums. Figure 4 shows the distribution of the aeroallergen count after the treatment of the room air after 24hour, 48 hour and 72 hours. After 72 hours of treatment there was almost no aeroallergen left closure to the air purifier.

View full abstract from West Texas A&M University

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