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Sue Reynolds, Master Herbalist
Sue Reynolds, M.S.W.
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Master Herbalist

Updated February 15, 2020
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Air Oasis Testimonials

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What is Indoor Air Pollultion?
Air Oasis Technology Summary
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Why are Air Purifiers Needed?
Laboratory Test by West Texas A&M University
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Air Oasis 1000
Covers up to 1000 SqFt
Air Oasis 3000
Covers up to 3000 SqFt
Air Oasis 3000 Xtreme
Covers up to 3000 SqFt
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Mobile Sanifier
Covers up to 175 SqFt

This picture is a  great testimony to your product.   I had no idea how bad my air was until I did the test.  It's nice to know that I am breathing clean air now and feel much better knowing that my 3 kids are breathing good air as well. It's small enough that we move this to different rooms at night when someone has a cold or the flu to kill the bacteria and hopefully not spread the sickness to others in our house.  It gives us great piece of mind.  I just ordered the mini air oasis for my office. 

Thank you for the great product - it really does work!
Bob D.

before and after

I have to admit I was skeptical when I ordered the Air Oasis™ air purifier.  I had been suffering with allergy type symptoms when I would go to bed for almost a year and a month ago reached my breaking point with the annoying cough and scratchy throat.  Throughout that year I have been researching the different home units available and was not impressed with any of them but decided that I would have to make the big purchase and just try one.  As fate would have it, the day I was doing my final comparison analysis I stumbled across the Air Oasis™ 3000.  What sold me was the inclusion of actual percent reduction test results for the different air pollutants typically found in houses.  Also, providing air testing kits to validate your product in the consumer’s residence is definitely “putting your money where your mouth is”.  I have included a photo of my test results and will be ordering another unit for the first floor of my house.  Likewise, I will be highly recommending your unit to friends and family.

Thanks for the restful nights.
Mark B.

before and after air purifier

My family and I just moved into a new home three weeks ago. We are very health oriented people and want our children to have the best chance at life that we can provide. We have been hearing more and more about the poor indoor air quality in most homes today and decided to try your Indoor Air Quality Test Kit. I figured since our home was new that the air must be great. Boy was I wrong! After seeing the results I was almost afraid to take another breath. My husband and I decided to purchase the Air Oasis™ 3000 air purifier at once. We took your advice and after using the unit for six days we retested in the same room. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I will let the before and after pictures I have included do the talking. I only wish we would have purchased one sooner.

Thank you Air Oasis
April B.

PS Get ready for referrals, because I am showing everyone my pictures.


I had to write to tell you about my experience so far with your Air Oasis units. First of all, I was so excited about receiving them that I did not even do the air tests that I had ordered. I wanted to be able to use the units immediately, so I decided not to do the air test!

I put one unit downstairs and one unit upstairs as you suggested. It was the perfect time to test your product because we were dog sitting for my sister at the time. We have our own large dog, but for two weeks, we were also dog sitting for two additional dogs. We have been having a ton of rain, hence, the house smelled of wet dog for days!

It took about two days after we began using your units, and the smell of the dogs was completely gone! We did another test when my wife spilled a whole jar of jewelry cleaner in her closet. There was such a strong smell of ammonia that it was overbearing. I placed a unit right in front of her closet and we left for the evening. When we returned, the strong order was completely gone.

I have been extremely happy with the Air Oasis and the bonus is that I don't even have to worry about cleaning it for three years!

Thanks again for your product. As I mentioned earlier, I'd love you to keep me posted on your distributor program if that comes to pass. I am looking into mass media marketing for another product and if that works out, I'd love to see if I can do the same for Air Oasis.

Ricky P.

After having used the Air Oasis 3000 Air Purifier for two months in the bedroom it has stopped my nasal drainage and a hacking cough.  The air seems fresher.  It seemed to have started working the second day.
Jack S.
St. Louis, MO

A friend recently let me use their Air Oasis 3000 in my home so I could decide if I wanted to purchase one.  The night I first placed the unit in my home I could hardly breathe.  I think I had a sinus infection.  It was suggested for me to stay close to the unit for awhile to help clear up my infection.  I never took that piece of advice.  The next night I was still having problems sleeping because of the sinus problems.  I decided to go and lay on the couch so my husband could get some rest.  The next morning I awoke and the infection was gone!  I could breathe again!  I then realized the couch I had been sleeping on was about two feet away from the Air Oasis air purifier.  This thing really works!  But, that's not all.  To top it off my father walked into my home a couple of days later and stopped right when he walked in the door and asked if I had just cleaned.  He went on to say that was the cleanest my home had ever smelled.  Thank you for the great product.

Amy M.

I am completely blown away from the quality of air that is put out by this Air Oasis machine. My wife and I sleep so much better now that this air purifier has cleaned our home. People that visit us even make comments about how fresh the air seems and how easy they can breath in our home. It is such a good feeling to know that my family is breathing healthy air again. We will never be without this Air Oasis machine ever again. We even take it on trips with us to use in our motel rooms. Thanks for fabricating such an excellent purifier. This unit will stop allot of sickness all around the world. May God Bless you both for all that all are doing for people's health every day.

Roy Parker

I purchased the Air Oasis 3000 and 3 Air Quality Test Kits last week. I have attached pictures showing the results of the 3 Air Quality Test Kits. I tested the air prior to plugging in the Oasis 3000 and after.

F. T.

Beforebefore afterAfter

I love my air oasis air cleaner, I love the way my house smells when I first walk in, just like it has just rained or that I have just cleaned.  It is so nice to be confident when we have surprise company that my house smells ok.  It has helped my sinuses and allergies too. I have used mine for several months now and I would recommend it to anyone.  It is wonderful! I never thought anything like this would be this effective...but it works.  Thanks.
Pat K.

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